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Is There​.​.​. (An Electroacoustic Suite In Six Parts)

by Julius Crab

Is There... 50:54


Is There... (An Electroacoustic Suite in Six Parts)

I. Maelstrom
II. Lunar Watchtower
III. Keepers Of The Electromagnetic Quarantine
IV. Serenity Amidst Legion
V. Astral Sludge
VI. Crystal Halls Of False Light

The album is presented as one track as all six parts crossfade into each other and include some transitory sections.

Recommended Way To Listen To This Album

This music really doesn’t work for casual or background listening. It is best to treat it like going to the cinema to see a film, which in a sense is what it is, just with your imagination providing the pictures. So for best results and for total immersion into the experience, listen in the dark with no distractions. Let your imagination flex its muscles and provide the visual imagery for the musical stimulus. A rich narrative unique to yourself can be had when letting go into the expansive sound experience of this piece. It can be a transformative journey - powerful, hypnotic and ethereal - and rewarding of the attention given to it. Do share your stories and visions.


1997 in retrospect seems to have been a really busy year for me. My debut album ‘Worlds Beyond Cause’ came out in July and my second album ‘Anomalies” in its original version was released in November. However, also premiered in July was another album, ’Is There…’ that came out under the name Julius Crab also on my original Cydonia record label. During 96 and 97 I had been experimenting with delay feedback loops, cascading different original recordings through my Yamaha mixing desk via a Lexicon Vortex multi-effects unit and a Mutronics Mutator filter bank. The idea was to generate drones and hypnotic phasing loops inspired by Steve Reich’s phasing tape loop pieces like “It’s Gonna Rain’ and ‘Come Out’. It was after hearing a performance of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ‘Hymnen’ at Cardiff University that I had the idea of forming these initial experiments into an actual electroacoustic/musique concrète style compositional piece. The creation process involved using the recording studio as a live instrument in itself with my 8 track recorder, short wave radio, drum machine, guitar and keyboard sampler all plugged in as sources for the delay loops. It was all assembled and improvised on the spur of the moment while always being on the verge of a total collapse into digital clipping distorted hell. The result was recorded directly to DAT, and so ‘Is There…’ was born. It had its debut performance in July of 97, with a small run release following in September.

Since then it’s been waiting in the wings. Over the years I wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to present it again, being so different to the kind of music that I usually release. Well time to let go of all that and just let it be out there for all who’d like to take this journey in sound. Listening back now, I’m amazed at how intense this piece is - probably at times the most intense thing I’ve ever done. Certainly if you want to turn up the volume and play it loud, it will have a very profound sonic impact to say the least! It represents the raw primal sound expression of a weird kid in the 90s, with a result that could compliment the most strange and disturbing moments from a David Lynch or Stanley Kubrick film.


released July 17, 1997

Phi Yaan-Zek - all instruments, sound design, mixing and mastering

Original premiere 17th July 1997.
With thanks to Richard Whitelaw and Lalle Larsson for feedback, support and vision sharing.



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